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Virtuemart Extensions

Our company was founded in 1978 and since then has a leading position in the entire range of materials for footwear and fashion accessories. Το the new 1500 sqm owned factory, in 9  Hatzianesti str, Ag.I.Rentis, the company manufactures components and extremely decorative accessories for shoes and handbags, which became known both in Greece and abroad.

So, shortly after the foundation of the company and always

oriented by the development and evolution and to ensure the quality of raw materials and products, a partnership was inaugurated, in 1992, with a big Italian company, which resulted the establishment of "Aerre - Nikolaidis" located in Arrezzo, Italy.

The founder and owner of the company, Hercules Nicolaides, being a restless spirit of enterprise, wishes to constantly improve and expand his activities.

In recent years, our company has expanded to the entire range of materials for the shoe manufacturing, with a great range of choices in metal parts and tires, cords, straps, synthetic leather and suede as well as in materials for insoles.

All those years, we try to be at the forefront of the business activity, keeping abreast developments through exhibitions, in Greece and abroad. Investing continuously in the renewal of our technological equipment, we've managed to possess a dynamic and unique position in the contemporary business life ot the country.


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